How to Whiten Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Whitefrost Coconut 100% Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening PowderWhitefrost Coconut 100% Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Activated Coconut Charcoal is Derived from 100% Baked Coconut Shells. It is An All Organic Substance that is Widely Used as an Effective Teeth Whitening Method. This form of Teeth Whitening has been Increasingly on the Rise and is becoming a more Popular way to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally without having to use Chemicals or Lasers. Not only will the Charcoal Effectively Whiten your Enamel but it Also Absorbs All Bacteria and Decay Leaving you with a Whiter Smile and Fresh Breath! Activated Charcoal is formulated with fine particles that are made to be Extremely Gentle on Enamel and Safe for Sensitive Teeth.

Coconut Shells are Baked in a High Heat-Treated Environment. This Process Creates an Extremely Absorbent Charcoal Formula that Reacts Favorably to Plaque and Teeth Stains. This is a 100% Natural Method and is a Chemical Free Formula. Activated Charcoal is a Natural Absorbing Agent that quickly Adheres to Plaque, Grime and Bacteria Allowing you to leave your Long Overdue Teeth Stains at the Sink! So how do you use it? It’s a Fun and Simple yet Widely Used Method that Guarantees Results!    

  1. Jump in the Shower – Brushing with Charcoal is a Messy Task but Definitely Worth it! When Brushing your Teeth in the Shower you can Allow the Messy Charcoal to Rinse down the Drain allowing you to Avoid dirtying up your sink. This makes for an easier clean up too!
  1. Wet your Toothbrush Bristles – This is Just like you Normally do when you brush your Teeth with regular Toothpaste. Wetting the Toothbrush is Important because it will Allow the Charcoal Powder to Adhere to the Toothbrush Bristles.
  1. Dip Toothbrush into Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – You don’t Need much! A little goes a long way! Just Dip into Power and it will Cling to your Toothbrush Bristles.
  1. Tap off Excess Powder – A lot will Cling to your Toothbrush but you don’t Need that much. Just enough to do the Job. So Tap off the Excess Powder.
  1. Gently Brush your Teeth for 2-4 Minutes – This Allows the Activated Charcoal to Absorb the Maximum Amount of Plaque, Grime and Impurities Possible Leaving you with a Fresher Brighter and Whiter Smile. The Longer you brush the Better. Charcoal is a Natural Absorbing Agent so let it do what it does Best!
  1. Rinse -- This is Exactly as you Normally do After Brushing your Teeth. However, you May need to Rinse a little more with Charcoal. It is a Messy substance and requires a Few Rinses to completely clean out the fine particles from your Teeth.

Now you can Enjoy your Brightest Smile Yet! Repeat this Process 2x Daily to See Maximum Teeth Whitening Results! Most of the Charcoal Brands come with a Minty-Fresh Flavor so the Taste is Just as if you were Brushing with Toothpaste! Charcoal is More Effective than Regular Toothpaste because it Removes even the Toughest Stains from Smoking, Coffee, Tea while Also Leaving your Teeth Free from Cavities, Decay and Prevents Gum Disease! Some have Even Noticed Whiter Teeth up to 8 shades from Original Color.